Complementary Therapies: Music, Art, Reiki, Pets

Complementary modalities provide an opportunity to connect with patients on multiple levels. While they have physical benefits, they also have the potential to provide growth and healing emotionally and spiritually.

See how complementary therapies can support hospice care.


HHHC utilizes CMPs (Certified Music Practitioners) to provide Music at the Bedside for hospice patients. CMPs become certified after completing a program called Music for Healing and Transition, available locally. For more information, contact Alice Kinsler [email protected] Concord.

HHHC also has a hospice chorus called the Wellspring Hospice Singers. Although the group is close to 30 members total, they sing in small groups (4-8) at the bedside. Wellspring has a wide repertoire and customizes the music offered to the person for whom they are singing.

  • See how music can benefit people with Alzheimer’s. Music and Memory
  • Visit The Music for Healing and Transitions Program's Website


    HHHC has volunteers trained as therapeutic artists. These artists represent a variety of media, from painting and writing to collage and jewelry-making. Artists work with both children and adults, and often support our bereavement programs as well.


    Reiki is a non-invasive energy therapy that many people find offers comfort and an overall sense of relaxation and well-being. HHHC's group of Reiki practitioners is called the Compassionate Touch Team. Reiki can be offered by volunteers to both patients and family members or caregivers.

    There are two Reiki Masters in the Nashua Area who have supported our organization, Libby Barnett and Yvonne Dunetz. Both provide special offers to HHHC staff and volunteers who would like to become Reiki-certified.

    Libby Barnett is located in Wilton, NH. To see more information about her offerings, click here, call 603-654-2787, or email [email protected].

    Yvonne Dunetz's office is located in Nashua, NH. You can find out current Reiki training information by calling 604-886-4200.

    Pet Therapy

    Get a sense of pet therapy in a hospice setting by watching this video: Moments with Baxter.

    View the HHHC Pet Therapy Flyer.

    HHHC partners with an outside organization called Pet Partners (formerly the Delta Society) to assure that the pet teams who visit our patients and families are appropriate to work in that environment. Pet Partners provides training and certification programs. HHHC is fortunate to have a volunteer who is also a Pet Partners Trainer and Evaluator, making these resources readily accessible to new teams interested in becoming certified. View HHHC's Pet Therapy Presentation. Learn more about the evaluation process that new teams go through to become certified.

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    Recommended Library Resources

    • Book: Moments With Baxter: Comfort and Love from the World's Best Therapy Dog, by Melissa Joseph
    • Book: Hospice Hounds: Animals & Healing at the Borders of Death, by Michelle Rivera
    • Book: Standards of Practice: Animal-Assisted Therapy, Delta Society
    • Book: Reiki: Energy Medicine, by Libby Barnett & Maggie Chambers
    • Book: Beginner's Guide to Reiki: Mastering the Healing Touch, by David Vennells
    • Book: Peace, Love & Healing: Bodymind Communication & the Path to Self-Healing, by Bernie Siegel
    • DVD: Holding Our Own: Embracing the End of Life